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I have enjoyed painting, drawing and making music as far back as I can remember. In 2019, right before the Covid pandemic took hold, my family talked me into leaving my IT career and trying something new.  It's now time to pursue painting full time. Change did not stop there. After spending our entire lives in Colorado, we packed up everything and moved to Las Vegas Nevada.  Close to our kids once more and celebrating the arrival of our first grandchild.​

​We have deep roots in Colorado and loved living there, but we also love the desert environment and the people in Las Vegas.  They say an "artist should have a particular style".   I love experimenting with bold , bright colors, and distinct contrasts with obvious divisions between lights and darks.  I  use a "cutout" method that let's me see boundaries and finite contrasts close-up.  As I progress, it becomes easier to add detail to each painting.  Then the defined boundaries fade away as one moves away from the painting.     I sell art online and at local shows, but I am also happy to accept commissions.  I also paint aerial views using  Google Earth, usually commemorating a special occasion or cherished memory.

   "Art is not what you see, but what you make others see".

                                                                                       -Edgar Degas

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